For most people, it is not easy to consider going to any kind of counseling or therapy. Sometimes cultural values and messages cause us to think that therapy is for people who have major problems and of course this leads us to feel hesitant to acknowledge our need for and hopes about counseling.

At Kin Health & Wellness, we see our relational and emotional health as extensions and integrated pieces of our overall wellness. We believe that all of us, as long as we are human, have our own share of interpersonal challenges and it is normal to struggle with our emotions sometimes in small ways and other times in heavy ways. Sometimes it can be helpful and healing to have someone to talk to about the deeper issues and to help navigate uncharted emotional spaces.

Therapy, whether individual, couples, or family therapy, can provide the safe space for us to explore ourselves, our relationships and our emotions so that we can get unstuck and move forward to experience greater joy and fulfillment in our own lives and in our relationships.  As the marriage and family therapist here at Kin Health & Wellness, I invite you to call me for any questions you have about this process or to set up an initial session with me and to come meet our team.